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About Us


To provide the community with fresh, sustainable and locally grown blooms and to provide a beautiful landscape for others to gather for cultural and environmentally friendly events. 


I have been passionate about growing flowers since my husband and I bought an old chicken farm in 1998. Each year, our family’s garden beds multiplied and so did our family size. With three growing and active boys, two careers and a lot of pets, farming our land was a dream that held a place in our hearts for many years but something we could not find room for.


In December 2019,  I retired from my career in federal law enforcement and finally put our large acreage farm to work. As an avid gardener who has showered friends, co-workers and family with blooms for years, I was now able to share with my local community. 


As a graduate of the 2020 Floret Flowers course, I not only gained valuable knowledge about flower farming, it also introduced me to an amazing group of flower farmers, near and far, including past graduates, who have become part of my life and a flower lifeline. Testimony that flowers are a way to unite people together which is part of the farm’s mission statement. 


The farm hosts over 80 different varieties of dahlias, along with peonies, David Austin roses, tuber roses, sunflowers, ranunculus, delphiniums, lisianthus, amongst fragrant herbs and narcissus, tulips, gladiolus and numerous other annual flowers and flowering shrubs. The farm is looking forward to hosting the community for various cultural events. 


The farm would not run without my husband, Erik, who is the farm’s ambassador. He has learned to read and interpret soil samples, install drip irrigation and is a research guru in anything farm and growing related. And he’s still running a business! 


Thank you for joining our farm as we grow our farm and grow blooms for you. 

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